Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Make Use of Your Resources

When people talk about “resources” in business, they’re often referring to financial resources, but there are other important resources you should consider when deciding to purchase a franchise – such as other franchise owners!

No one understands your franchise the way other owners of the same franchise will. At some point, they were in your shoes and remember what it was like first purchasing a franchise. They can help to walk you through the trials and tribulations they’ve faced, and how they’ve overcome those obstacles overtime. Most importantly, they can speak with you on the realities of owning a franchise, and answer any questions you have. Speak with multiple owners about their experience, and think of all of the things you’d like to ask them beforehand. You’ll likely find this to be one of the most valuable parts of researching franchise ownership, and will probably be surprised by how receptive other owners are to help you out.

Purchasing a franchise is an important decision, and talking to other franchise owners can help you make the right decision for you! Click here to visit our website and learn more about franchise ownership.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

All American Pet Resorts is Now Offering Purina ProPlan EN Gastroenteric Food

We have exciting news that we would like to share with our favorite pet parents out there!

We’re proud to announce that we are now offering a Veterinarian EN food that is perfectly suited for the boarding environment: Purina ProPlan EN Gastroenteric food.

In our environment, there is always a degree of stress because pets are away from their beloved families. Keeping their digestive track functioning normally can help them adjust and feel more comfortable in foreign surroundings, so a Veterinarian EN food is a great choice. And Purina products, specifically, are an excellent choice because all Purina products are formulated by qualified nutritionists and meet the federal regulations 21 CFR 110 Current Good Manufacturing Practices, which is also the same standard for human food.

For us here at All American Pet Resorts, there are 3 keys to selecting the perfect food: digestibility for absorption, palatability for taste, and caloric density for energy - and this food checks off all 3 criteria. Additionally, 23% of the calories consumed from this food are from proteins. Since our boarding environment is higher in activity for most pets, they need a few extra calories for energy, so this food is great.

This food is not available for sale unless purchased through a veterinarian. That is why we are so pleased to offer it as a great addition to our all-inclusive pet care. Currently, our Royal Oak, Canton and Lakeshore locations are integrating the new food into their facilities, with the rest of the locations on track to be offering it by the end of the year.

We recommend that all boarding pet parents pick up a sample baggie from their local resort to mix with home food the day before pets arrive for boarding. Then at pet departure, they should pick up another baggie to mix with home food for the first day that their pet has returned home, as this will help with transitioning them to different foods.

If you have any additional questions about the Purina ProPlan EN Gastroenteric food and why we’ve selected it as the food we’re offering to our boarding guests, feel free to give us a call at (941) 661-1175.