Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Strong Corporate Support

When buying and starting your franchise business, you want to make sure that the corporate office is behind you and guiding you through the process. When deciding which franchise to go with, make sure to look for a franchise company with an excellent corporate structure. Make sure that their support system will be there every step of the way. Before committing to a company, make sure expectations are clear and speak with their staff multiple times to get a sense of their company culture and if it would be a good fit for you.

Here at All American Pet Resorts, we emphasize overall relationship management. We'll help manage the entire design and development process, assist with your Website design and marketing collateral, and oversee all schedules from development through opening.

We share a common objective with you, to plan and develop a successful pet care business. If you are interested in joining our team by licensing a pet boarding franchise, contact our corporate office today.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Best of Both Worlds

If you’ve been looking for the perfect business to become the center of the dog-loving community in your town, or if you just love dogs and want a chance to make a difference in their lives and the lives of their families, consider opening up a pet boarding franchise!

Buying into an already successful franchise, like All American Pet Resorts, can reduce stress and offers a jump-start towards business ownership. We’ll walk you through every step, with training programs to teach you the most successful methods to running a business and a proven marketing strategy for bringing in new clients. We’ll help with overall facility development & design, relationship management, site selection, and much more! One of the biggest advantages of opening up a pet franchise with All American Pet Resorts is that your business will already come with a trusted brand name. That means value is already added in for customers the moment they open your doors.

If you’re interested in a franchise opportunity in the pet care industry, visit our website for more details.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

When to Buy a Franchise - Part 2

Determining the best time to invest in a franchise can be a complicated decision with many factors to consider. Don’t forget to read our first post on this topic!

Having an idea of when you want your company to be up and running can help to determine the best time to buy. Consider timing that would work for an opening event and plan your investment and any construction plans with that in mind. Is there a certain time of year that would make the most sense? Or maybe a holiday you could aim for?

Keep in mind that the most important thing when investing in a franchise is selecting a company that you feel passionate about and whose business process, ethics and values align with your goals & objectives.  Take your time when planning your investment, and choose one that you feel confident leading. It is often less about finding the right time and more about finding the right franchise.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

When to Buy a Franchise - Part 1

An important aspect to consider when looking into franchise opportunities is when is the best time to buy. There is no simple answer to this question, but there are a few things that should factor into this decision. First and foremost, your franchise research and brand evaluation are extremely important prior to your selection and purchase. If you’re leaving a job or business before opting into a new franchise opportunity, this is also something that will affect your buying timeline. Consideration of site selection and construction timing should be evaluated. If you’ll require training before opening your franchise, you should think about obtaining necessary certificates or classes before purchasing for your franchise.

For more information on the right time to buy a franchise, stay tuned for our next blog post or visit our website.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Comparative Research

When considering buying a franchise, you may be open to all different kinds of franchises and fields, but more often than not, prospective buyers have one particular franchise in mind that they have their mind set on. While you may feel good about a particular franchise company, it is important to do comparative research. Find several franchises that are in your field of interest and compare how they stack up to one another. While you may be attracted to a particular company based on your personal experience, there are many financial, marketing, and other business factors to be considered when deciding on the franchise opportunity that is going to be the best and most lucrative for you in the long run.

If you’re interested in a franchise opportunity in the pet care industry, visit our website for more details.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Speak with Franchise Owners

Before embarking on the journey of buying and owning a franchise, it is essential to conduct research. Due diligence is an extremely important part of your evaluation, and several aspects should be considered before making the investment. One of the most important aspects of your evaluation is communicating with existing franchise owners. Many franchises will have a list of recommended franchisees that they suggest you get in touch with, but all corporate franchises can provide you with a full list of current owners for you to talk to. Ask these owners the important questions that only they can provide true insight for. As it pertains to getting a full picture of what it will be like to be a franchise owner of a specific company, current owners are your best and most valuable resource in creating that visual.

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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Training to Run Your Successful Franchise

One of the most common questions we encounter when it comes to owning a pet resort franchise is: “What kind (if any) training will I receive as a franchise owner?” It’s an important question, especially given that varied skills are required to run a successful pet resort business. All American Pet Resorts is proud to be able to offer 4 phases of training for our franchisees - basic resort management and pet care, advanced resort management and pet care, profitability and risk management, and grooming, basic pet hygiene and other revenue generating services. We also hold an annual training meeting to go over new information and the latest in our industry.

No matter what type of franchise opportunity you choose to invest in, it’s important to know that your parent company will be there for you every step of the way, and a huge part of that is through offering thorough training that will set you up for initial and long term success.

For more information on franchise training, visit our website.